Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Farce of Islamofascism

I hope no one is fooled by the neo-con-coined term "Islamofascism" because it is the phoniest farce around and Americans would be very stupid to buy into it. Fascism was coined by Italian dictator Mussolini to describe the merger of corporations with the government. Fascism is a right-wing ideology that seeks eternal war of one against all. It uses the idea of "divide and conquer"...if you get factions to fight each other, they'll be too busy fighting to know that their pockets are being picked, their quality of life diminishing, and their economic power decreasing. What Islamic group, I ask you, has such that kind of power over American lives? None, that's what.

It should come as no surprise that most neo-conservatives are secular Jews who seek to prop up the power of Israel against its sworn enemies, the Arab states. The sad fact of the matter is, because of the Holocaust and the near extinction of the Jewish people under Hitler's race purification policy, too many Jews have used that tragedy to ram through genocidal policies of their own. Anyone who attempts to raise a question or concern about the plight of Palestinians is automatically labeled "anti-Semitic", which is meant to have the same black-listing effect as asking if someone was a Communist back in the McCarthy era. It's sheer exploitation of a tragedy for a political aim. But it's not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel and liken their policies with a certain fascist regime in Germany a half century ago. The truth often hurts, and too many Jewish academians, government officials, and think tank pundits are exploiting one tragedy to have free license to unleash holy terror on another group of people. What's wrong with that picture?

Neo-conservatives would love to have us all believe that the greatest threat to our existence is a small band of terrorists who are limited in resources and scope in carrying out their agenda. Anyone with any kind of understanding about the Arab world would find amusing the idea that the Arabs could ever put down their long-held animosities towards this or that faction of Islam and create a pan-Arab or Islamic nation (like the European Union, itself an ongoing, decades long process of integration) stretching from Morocco to Indonesia with close to a billion citizens. First, let's look at the biggest fact...not a single Arab nation is on the Group of Eight, that exclusive annual gathering of the leaders from the world's eight largest economies (the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Italy, Germany, Japan, and Russia). China and India will probably expand the group to ten at some point in the next couple decades. But really...where is the threat that some small band of terrorists could ever overthrow any of those nations. The war in Chechnya is hardly enough to cause Russia to collapse. There's a greater likelihood that Putin will go Stalin on the Russian people than some Islamic terrorists establishing a dictatorship in Moscow.

Nope. Any serious look at the world situation and what all has happened under Bush's watch can only lead to one conclusion: the exorbitant amount of wealth held by a handful of CEOs in major corporations and the continual buying of politicians to vote for their agendas is the greatest threat to democracy and our Republic than anything a terrorist can do. Sure, they might try to inflict damages in various car bombs, but looking at the terrorist attacks in Europe in the 1980s when car bombs were more common, has any terrorist act led to a downfall of a democratic government? History shows time and again that democratic governments fall from the inside. It was ambitious Roman generals that finally overpowered the Roman Senate and created an empire. In 1933, it was an election that brought Hitler to power and the burning of the Reichstag (later proven to be an inside job by the Nazi party and blamed on foreign communists) which consolidated the Nazis into its corrupting power. Always an inside job.

If there are any Jewish neo-conservatives who actually fear "Islamofascism", I'd love to talk with them and laugh in their faces. I'd love to tell them that the only fascist is the one they see in the mirror every morning. I'd also love to tell them that they learned nothing about the Holocaust, other than how to be bullies. It is a double tragedy that the Jewish people perished under a fascist government with an active extermination program and now see that the only way to survive is to become like the Nazis in enacting their own form of genocide against another minority group in which they have a long-standing hatred towards. Have they learned nothing at all? It's tragic that some people become what they most hate when the truest path to live is the path towards love of neighbors, love of enemies. Labeling poor and powerless people as fascist is not the way to peace. Nor is it very accurate.

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