Monday, August 13, 2007

Introducing (Future) President Seth Moulton

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if we had the ability to identify the person who would be the president of our country in about 20 years or so, that way we can keep an eye on him or her, and get to know him or her when they are still a "nobody"? Well, now's your chance.

I want to introduce everyone to former Marine 1st Lieutenant Seth Moulton, the best candidate to be OUR generation's first the year 2020. For such a visionary year, we need to think that far in advance and rally behind the person who could take us there.

Who is Seth Moulton?

Well, when I saw the documentary "No End In Sight" last Friday, I was struck by the intelligence and articulateness of one of the military officers interviewed. I did some google research on the guy (that would be Seth Moulton, pictured above) and was impressed by his background: Andover, then Harvard (a physics slouch there!). He was the student selected by his class to give a speech at commencement. He was the class of 2001 and enlisted in the Marines. Then 9/11 happened. He served two tours of duty in Iraq, including one where he extended it to serve as a staff assistant for none other than General Patraeus (however it's spelled). In Iraq, he even broadcasted his own TV program with an Iraqi, called the Moulton and Mohammad Show or something like that. Currently, he's writing a book about his experience in Iraq (and hopefully it'll give more of his biography as well) and going to grad school. He originally wanted to work on Wall Street. But, coming from a family that lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts and the fact that he attended Andover shows that he's part of the leadership "elite" that often assumes political power at mid-life. Based on that, I suspect that he might have some presidential aspirations. He claims to have joined the military in part to gain leadership experience.

In the documentary, he is so well-spoken and knowledgeable that he comes across as the opposite of Bush (who often sounds like he's talking out of his ass, like he hasn't a clue). And Seth Moulton is only 28 years old! I don't think it's any stretch of the imagination that when our generation comes to power (which isn't too far away...I'll be 40 in 2012), we'll have plenty of leadership-capable individuals who have served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and/or Iraq. I fully suspect that our country will still be in Iraq when 2013 comes around (the 10th anniversary of the invasion). We'll need a veteran of that war to solve the issue once and for all after a president or two post-Bush passes the buck to the next successor down the pike.

So, get to know Seth Moulton (google his name), read his book when it comes out, and pay attention anytime his name pops up. I would bet serious money in Las Vegas that he will be a future candidate for president. If not by 2020 than perhaps either the election before it (2016, in which he would be 38) or the one after it (2024, in which he would be 46). I look forward to seeing what he will decide to do next, once his book is out and he has a graduate degree. Perhaps Mayor of Boston or some town around there, then Governor, then President? Stay tuned. Our generation can't do any worse than what the Boomers have given us (a president who can't control his appetites or make up his mind without running a poll; and another one who can barely speak English and wouldn't know the truth from a hole in his ass). If Americans decide they want real leadership for a change, Seth Moulton is the man capable of doing it. After all, anyone who has been to Iraq doesn't have to take crap from the neo-cons who put us there without combat experience of their own.


D/B/c/m said...

interesting prediction. we shall see...

Katherine said...

I met Seth on two occasions, both at Phillips Academy Andover. I first encounter with him occurred in the classroom, where he came in to speak with our Middle East class. The entire class agreed with your prediction. He was eloquent, intelligent, handsome, and poised.
The second took place on Memorial Day, when Seth spoke to the entire student body. Though most students expected his speech to be boring at best, Seth really delivered. the speech was appropriate in all manners. It can be viewed here: