Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Riddance to Gonzo!

First, Rum-Rum resigned. Next came Rove. Now, we have the worst Attorney General in history resigning (perhaps out of fear that the Democrats won't let up on the questioning and his web of lies will only end up ensnaring the prez'uh'dint). I never thought I'd ever say this, but Alberto Gonzalez was so bad that he makes John Ashcroft look ethical, and that is quite a feat. If not for Gonzalez's disasterous reign as the supreme legal authority in our land, Ashcroft would be bestowed with the dishonor of "Worst Attorney General in history." Now, he's only second worst. But as Gonzalez's actions proved, even Ashcroft has some sense of morals and decency, refusing to go along with Gonzalez.

With three major resignations, I hope that the Democrats won't let up. Next, we need to target Dick Cheney and force him out of office. Of course, resigning their positions should not be seen as a bargaining tool that will keep them out of jail. Not unless they decide to spill the beans about everything Bush or Cheney has done that is against the law. If these low-life, conscience-less, pathetic excuses for human beings would just reveal the truth about Bush, Cheney, and their disasterous foreign policies, we might just be able to save our Republic. But whatever they confess, they still deserve nothing less than jail time. Jail time in the same cell as the most roughneck, violent criminal imagineable. And to make things sweeter, give the big, bad inmate some viagra and a box of condoms and let them go to town on these White House criminals. Yeah, that's the ticket!

So, goodbye, Gonzo and good riddance. You won't be missed. And hopefully you won't be the last of this sorry administration to resign. I hope this is the start of a mass exodus...a sign that the rats are finally deserting the sinking ship that is the Bush Administration.

And to top off the good news of Gonzalez's departure, comes another gay sex scandal involving a Republican politician...this time the Senator from Idaho. What is with these people? They run on family values and intolerance for anyone who isn't straight, and all this time, they are seeking out the very things they condemn? It's just one more sign that proves to me that the Republican party is the most hypocritical and sanctimoniously phony party to ever exist in our nation's history. Why people believe that party has any moral credibility is baffling. I hope it only wakes the people up and gives the Democrats a super-majority in the House and Senate as well as the White House in 2008. Making the Republican Party extinct should be our goal as people who love democracy and wish to restore our Republic to the vision our Founders had.

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j janell cf said...

i love that you blogged about these. i must say--it's been a great news week for news junkies like you and i. i've been loving it. albert finally gone? can it be true? yeah! and for further entertainment, there's talk of hatch being a possible replacement. oh dear. and the larry craig thing--hilarious! the headlines on drudgereport read: brokeback bathroom, terror in the toilets, his own private idaho...too funny. and really--he sounds like the biggest idiot when he talks about it. a sad state of affairs--but a very interesting one for us political junkies.