Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Democratic Field

I've been meaning to post my opinion on the candidates vying to become the 44th President of these (dis)United States. I was thinking recently about an assignment I had in 7th grade English class to write about the 1984 elections and who I thought should be president. I was non-political back then (hard to imagine, eh? But it's true...I didn't become politically "aware" and passionated until my Senior year in 1989, thanks to a great Government teacher and seeing the change in Eastern Europe that fall). My paper was more like a list of why someone should not be president, with really stupid standards. Basically, I believed back then that if someone had achieved fame already, they shouldn't bother. So, my paper said things like, "Jesse Jackson got to march with Dr. King and contribute to Civil Rights; John Glenn got to be an astronaut; Walter Mondale already served as Vice President..." My choice in 1984 was Gary Hart. That was before his monkey business with Donna Rice (that happened in 1987, y'all!). I didn't even know that he had served as Governor of Colorado, otherwise, I'd nix him on that.

I won't do that this time. But, here's my take...

Joe Biden -- Puh-leeze! His run is nothing but pure egotism.

Christopher Dodd -- Dull and undistinguished.

Bill Richardson -- Has a great bio and lots of experience in the legislative branch, in the executive branch (as Secretary of Energy), in the U.N., and most appealing of all, being a re-elected governor and hispanic to boot! All this puts him in the running for the top contender in the Vice Presidential slot. In fact, I'd place a bet in Vegas with some serious money behind it that he will be the V.P. nominee.

Dennis Kucinich -- For a peace advocating candidate and being perhaps the top choice among a lot of progressives, I dealt with this guy when I was an intern. I answered the phone one day and he was on the other line. Because I didn't know who he was, he got really annoyed and started yelling at me. It was disturbing. How can one advocate peace when he's still all about ego. He had to realize that he's one of 434 other members of Congress. Plus, I dealt with the Senate side of Congress and knew most of them, but I had never heard of Kucinich until his angry, temper-tantrum phone call. When I later learned that his big thing is to establish a Department of Peace, I couldn't believe it. Peace begins within, dude. Take a chill pill and don't take it personal that some non-paid intern for Vice President Gore didn't know him from Adam. Granted, he might have had a bad day, but that one contact with him has made sure that I'd never support him.

Besides, he looks like an elf to me. Do we really want him leading our nation?

John Edwards -- My second choice in 2004 (after Howard Dean). Unfortunately, he made three cardinal errors early on, so he lost my support. What are those? Well...for starters, he lived in a really nice house before. But just recently, he got an even bigger house. It's huge!!! What's he need all that space for? One of the newsmagazines published an aerial photograph of the house and it's an odd looking thing, with a long covered hallway that leads to a barn-looking structure that's bigger than the house. It's an eyesore from the air...what's it like from the ground?

His second sin was that upon hearing the news that his wife has relapsed in her cancer, that he still wants to be president. Such ambition in the face of a personal tragedy is alarming to me. After all, he served but one term in the Senate. Shouldn't he spend more time with the wife and kids? In interviews, Elizabeth Edwards acknowledged that it might be a losing battle and that he might serve in the White House without her. When I heard that, I was shocked! The guy is rich. He doesn't have to work. Why not enjoy every moment with your wife and children while you're still young? He could run again in 2012, 2016, and even 2020. Why not focus on his wife now, because if he loses her, he can't take these years back.

The final nail in his coffin is the $400 haircut. To make a mistake like that means he didn't learn anything from the Clinton years. I remember the fuss over Clinton's super expensive Hollywood haircut on Air Force One, which created a scandal early on in his administration. That should be burned into every Democrat's brain. One can't afford to look elitist, especially a candidate like John Edwards who claims to want to help those Americans on the losing end of the economy. This early gaffe only tells me what an opportunist he is, a rich boy pretending to be the best friend to the common man, while getting expensive haircuts he doesn't have to pay for. Shameless!

(to be continued...)


Mandalynn said...

I've also been meaning to write a post about the democratic field, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I've been so disappointed with the Democratic Party over the past few years; I've gone from "registered Democrat" to "apathetic voter." Of course, my favorite candidate is Bill Richardson, which means, or course, he won't get the nomination.

D/B/c/m said...

nicholas!!! so good to find you and your profuse writings here! the once a year christmas letter just isn't enough--i love it! why am i yelling?!

interesting takes on the candidates--such non-political reasons--but i have to agree. i was disappointed to hear about your interaction with kucinich; i've always been a huge fan of his ideals. no one is perfect...

Sean Langdon said...

Nice take so far!

I could care less about Edwards hair cut but I am also very displeased that he is continuing to run this time around with his wife's health the way it is. Poor choice John. Otherwise, he would have been a front runner for me.

(by the way....I had to chuckle when you said you were in 7th grade for the 1984 elections. I wasn't even born until a year later. Sorry, but it made me laugh)

Sansego said...

Gosh, I didn't realize you we were that young!

Dang...I feel old!

About the's trifle, but it's the kind of mistake a candidate can't afford to make, especially one claiming to be the best friend to the poor. A lot of poor people would see $400 as a godsend to buy food and pay some necessary bills (like rent or heat). To pay that much for a haircut is flaunting one's wealth, as though such an amount meant nothing to them.

Geez, I think $20 is too expensive for a haircut!

Sean Langdon said...

lol! my mom still cuts my hair!