Saturday, February 17, 2007

Not Ready to Make Nice

Seeing the Dixie Chicks win 5 Grammys...including the top honors of Record, Song, and Album of the Year is vindication for what they went through in 2003. I was glad that they weren't ready to make nice, because I'm not either. The rightwing conservatives who believe that Americans should shut up and let the president do whatever he wants don't get it. After all, during the Clinton years, Republicans tried their darndest to keep him from pursuing his agenda. They were even against the war in Kosovo (as was I) and saw nothing wrong with questioning the president's motives for going to war (it did come during the impeachment trial, after all). Yet, all their principles were tossed aside when Bush became president. By their new rules, it was considered TREASON to question Bush's motives for war. And scaredy-cat Democrats went along with it like they had amnesia about what the Republicans did during the Clinton years.

So, on the eve of war, all the Dixie Chicks said in concert in England..."Just to let you know, I'm ashamed that Bush is from Texas" or something like that. Nothing controversial about it. If some Country singer had said in 1998 that they were ashamed that Clinton was president, it wouldn't have bothered me (and I voted for him twice and served as an Intern in his, because people's opinions don't offend me much. I much prefer honesty than I like to know where people stand. Besides that, Clinton did shame the country with his indiscreet affair. But with Bush, it's like no one was allowed to have an opinion against him on the eve of war. So, for a few years, we had to endure what seems like a generational amnesia since President John Adams "Alien and Sedition Acts"...another round of McCarthyism that questions people's loyalty to the country just because they disagree with the president. I expect to find this in Nazi Germany, the Communist-era Soviet Union, apartheid South Africa, and any number of autocratic regimes like Saddam's in Iraq, the mullahs in Iran, and the Saudi Royal family. None of them like dissent, that's what makes America great and different from those countries. But in Bush's America, dissent was equated with treason.

But here we are in 2007. The Dixie Chicks are vindicated. And next is Al Gore, whose documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" will most likely win the Oscar for best documentary feature in a week. This coming after the 2003 Academy Awards in which Michael Moore was booed off the Oscar stage after his win for "Bowling for Columbine" in which he dared to speak the truth that "we live in fictional times, when fictional elections lead to fictional presidents who wage fictional war..." Now, Hollywood is coming out of the closet and boldly awarding the visionaries who weren't afraid to speak out against the war in 2003, when it was considered treasonous to do so. Not only will "An Inconvenient Truth" win the Oscar, but Gore stands an excellent chance of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this fall for his work on educating the world on global warming. The reason his chance is excellent is because the world has seen the disaster that is Bush and while we can't go back to November 2000 to change the outcome, the world can vindicate Gore another way and it would be a huge slap in Bush's face. I ready to make nice?

HELL NO! The right was wrong about the war in Iraq and events now prove it. It does give me great pleasure to see Republicans scrambling away from the president's Iraq disaster like rats on the Titanic. It's amazing what personal ambition will do when the truth comes out! And poor Bush. Because he ran to the right after stealing the election in 2000, and made enemies of liberals, his support is limited to the very small core of evangelical Christians who would drink whatever Kool-Aid he gives them, even one that leads to their death because they invested too much in his presidency that they can't back out now. They have no other option than to go down with him. And it didn't have to be this way. If Bush had been "the uniter, not a divider" as he promised in 1999-2000, if he had been more conciliatory in his controversial inauguration, if he had made efforts to reach across the aisle in 2001, if he would not have said "you're either with us or against us", if he would not have made support of his war in Iraq as a test of patriotism...on any number of things, had he done things differently, I might have some smidgen of sympathy for him. But because he used cynicism and deceit to govern, pandered to the worst instincts of the rightwing, listened too much to Rove, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and made too many lines in the sand...I am one person who is glad to see his presidency fail and to see his haggard face on the TV screen, an indication that he hasn't been sleeping too well these past few weeks. If I met him in person, I would laugh in his face. He wanted to be president in the worst way imaginable, cheated to get into office. Lied again and again on issue after issue from the environment to education, to 9/11 and to war. I'm under no obligation to support him. And I'm glad to see the country finally awaken to his fiasco. In less than two years, we will finally get to flush the toxic Texan back to his cess pool of cynicism, where he will live out his days in obscurity and with the notorious distinction of being the worst president in our nation's history. May he take that shame to his grave.

And to the Dixie Chicks, I would like to add..."I'm ashamed that Bush is an American." He has tarnished our country in a way that will make it harder for the next president (whether Republican or Democrat) to repair the damage. But we can rest assured, this Bush disaster means that Jeb doesn't have a chance in hell of becoming president. The Bush brand is broken, and may it ever remain so. Long live American democracy!


Sean Langdon said...

Great post! I was going to do my own blog with a lot of your same sentiments on this but had not had the chance yet.

Christian said...

I share many of your feelings. However, we can't assume that in two years all will be well. We both know that Bush is a symptom, not a cause. He's despicable, but the despicableness (?) won't stop with a new president from one of the two ruling parties. Both parties subscribe to ideologies of dominance and exploitation. (But... it will be somewhat of a relief if a Democrat is elected... we can at least catch our breath.) :-)

Sansego said...

I agree. The only thing that makes Bush somewhat *bearable* is his incompetence. If we had a more competent wannabe dictator, the Iraq war would have been such a success that we would've continued on to Syria and Iran in 2003 or 2004. The only thing that has kept us from waging war on Iran so far has been the bungling of Iraq.

I also believe that one day, we might be reminiscing about the Bush years because we might have a leader who is far worse: cunning, immoral, blood-thirsty, and COMPETENT.