Saturday, February 10, 2007

Candle in the Hurricane

I shouldn't, but I can't help myself. I was actually surprised when both ABC's World News Tonight and the CBS Evening News (with the always quirky cute Katie Couric) featured a segment on Anna Nicole Smith's death on Thursday. I asked myself, "why is this national news?" Especially since I knew that "tabloid news" shows such as "Entertainment Tonight" and "Extra" would spend their whole 22 minute segments recounting every last detail of this infamously famous starlet's tragic life.

I remember way back in 1994 when I first heard of her. I was in the Navy, working at the dismally depressing Palau Community Center with another Navy guy I didn't like so much. He and I were complete opposites. He, the Southern redneck, beer-swelling, NASCAR-watching, gun-toting, failed-marriage-because-of-adultery, conservative sailor, and me the multi-national, liberal, latte-drinking, intelligent woman-seeking, Midwestern, spiritual guy who got along better with officers than enlisteds...anyhow, what a clash. The only thing that made my day was another sailor's wife who loved to give Tarot readings and hang out and talk. She considered herself "voluptuous" (did I even spell that right?). I never heard that term before. Both she and my redneck co-worker had asked if I thought Anna Nicole Smith was beautiful. I didn't know who she was at the time. But they said that her body was "voluptuous". So began my education in this notorious Playmate who became better known when she married that billionaire Texas oil tycoon. I'm not saying she's a gold digger...just that she won't date no broke...uh, bigger! She claimed true love, as she sat on his lap while he had to inhale more deeply into his oxygen tank, lest he have a heart attack. She played the part of the grieving widow with all the acting skills of a Pamela Anderson. But, she never came clean about her motives for marrying a super rich guy awaiting death...and the media always winked at the audience when reporting on her confessions of true love. It was rather disgusting.

But, she wanted to be like Marilyn the very end. Again, my question to the corporate media...why devote the 5 minutes of your "world news" show to this wannabe starlet who couldn't act to save her own life, who's claim to fame is as the most well known case of gold digging in history. There are other stories out the Scooter Libby Trial (if the glove doesn't fit, is the grand jury gonna acquit?), like Bush's increasing desire to wage war against Iran without the U.S. Senate's approval (in direct violation of the Constitution, which he swore to defend and uphold). Let's get the real news for once. I hope this episode proves that the media isn't liberal. It's corporate. They know what sells, what gains viewers...after all, Anna Nicole Smith made many tabloids a huge amount of money in the past decade. And what did her life amount to? Unfortunately, there will always be young girls who will wish to live the kind of life she in luxurious style while not having to really work for it, being famous not because of any talent, but as a sort of buffoon that people love to talk about. Deep down, inside, there was a spiritual being in that voluptuous body of hers. I hope now, she will find out the true meaning of life...that it was never about luxurious living, it was about what you contribute to the spiritual consciousness of this planet. Unfortunately, she did very little of that, and that's the tragedy of it all.

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Mandalynn said...

Seriously. I thought the same thing when I logged on to and found 4 different stories about her. I hate the media!!