Saturday, January 20, 2007

State of the Disunion

With the upcoming "State of the Union" address to the Congress and the American people, this Constitutionally mandated tradition seems almost ridiculous in the modern with 24-hour news channels and live television, Americans and the world pretty much knows the state of our union without having to be fed propaganda from a president who lives in a reality of his own making. So, will it be any surprise that he will be eye twitching and smirking his way through another "State of the Union" as he tries to spin and spin propaganda to "catapult the truth". And what is with his facial twitches? I always saw it as his body's betrayal of untruthful statements. Watch when he smirks and twitches his eyebrows. Pay attention to what he's saying when it occurs, because it reveals a lot about him. You can bet your last dollar that each time he smirks, there's a lie in there somewhere.

So, what is the state of our union? It's divisive and indifferent. We have a war on but no one seems to pay any attention. The military is talking about seeking recruits in MEXICO! What does that say about our country of 300 million Americans that we can't find enough recruits to fight a war that over 70% of the American people supported back in 2003? In 1991, we had half a million soldiers in Saudi Arabia to evict Iraq from Kuwait. Twelve years later, Rumsfeld thought they could show their shock and awe by having a blitzkrieg force of 150,000 troops even though some generals requested at least double that number. So now we're at the point where Bush has finally admitted that the Iraq war hasn't gone as the neo-cons had planned and is requesting an additional 21,500 troop "surge" as though he were doubling down a bad bet like a person with a serious gambling addiction. Some soldiers and Marines are on their third tours of duty. Are we saying that we can't find enough people ("fresh meat") to fight this war that most supported just 4 years ago? What does that say about our country? Conservatives like to tell people that criticizing our government during a war sends a message to our enemies that emboldens them, thus they consider it an act of treason to even criticize our government...yet that is the essence of freedom. However, what kind of message does it send our enemies when we keep sending the same people back to the war zone in third and fourth and fifth tours of duty and that we're seeking recruits in Mexico with promises of becoming an American citizen? The world knows we have 300 million they probably think we are truly a cowardice country if we can't even get 1% of our population to fight in a war that 70% supported! Talk about emboldening our enemies! All they have to do is watch "Black Hawk Down" to get inspiration on how to wear down our disinclination towards fighting a foreign war.

In just two years, I believe Americans will rejoice that the toxic Texan is flushed back to his cess pool that is Crawford and hope that he lives the rest of his days in obscurity. The war may or may not rage on under a new administration, but Bush is guaranteed a place in our nation's history as the worst president ever. His legacy will be summed up by three events: 9/11, the Iraq War, and Hurricane Katrina. That is to say...he will be remembered as the president in which the worst national security breach, the worst natural disaster, and the worst national policy blunder all occurred under his incompetent watch. Added to that is a squandering of the Clinton-era surplus into the largest deficits ever (surpassing even the Reagan record) with our future rival China holding our debts. All partisan fervor aside...would you want your potential enemy to hold your economic well being in their hands? If not, then why allow China and Saudi Arabia to continue to hold America's economy hostage? No, the state of our union is not strong, it is not united. We are living on a bubble that can pop at any moment, and when it does, may God help us all, because it's not going to be pretty...


Mandalynn said...

Reading your post, I realize that I've lost my, for loss of better words, fire. I've become one of those apathetic Americans/voters that I always hated. At least we have people like you willing to continue the fight. It has slightly inspired me. Keep it up.

Sansego said...

Not to worry, Mandy. With Republicans saying no to the surge, it only reminds me how brilliant our Founding Fathers were. Our system works! A President might be able to rig the system in his favour for a short time, but the ambitions of other men who seek the presidency and read the public opinion polls know when enough is enough. There is hope for our country. Bush is sinking under the weight of his own incompetence and we should all just stand aside and watch his administration drown in a sea of its own lies. I don't blame you or anyone. While JFK inspired people to idealism, Bush has done the opposite. He is the most cynical president we've had, which has only made Americans cynical about our Executive branch. Not very effective as a leader, thus his place in history will be at the bottom. Inspirational leaders stand the test of time.